Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the malaysian society

Malaysia is a unique country with diverse of culture and races.that make Malaysia has strived to make its name known to the world stage.Chinese,Malays,Indian and other minority races as complement to unite multiple races under the same roof. Besides that,it is a prove that Malaysia as a multicultural society whereby different ethinic groups can retains and practices their subcultures.The concept of 1Malaysia are being introduced that brings together the society as a one union regardless their races and ethnicity to achieve one common objective.The concept is seen to bring about abundant benefits to the society,mainly foster national unity and enhances economic growth in the society.However,it still has it own weekness as some group have different perception in the concept and thus refuse the acknowledge the benefits profited instead they see the concept as empowering the influence of certain races.

School is a place where the seeds of patriotisme are being planted among youngsters through certain subject such history,civics and social studies in the formal curriculum.Besides that,the way of school organization altered the student mind with patriotisme spirits influenced the mind setting about unity in Malaysia.
In order of that,the 1Malaysia concept objectively encourages the participation of different races into non academic activities especially sports and recreation.Sports are the perfect tool in bringing the society together as without even thinking about races,we shout together as 1Malaysian to support our team in battle in order to achieve a single goal.On special event such as festivals,it did bring the people together in many races to celebrate a festival happily regardless of races.For example Hari Raya Aidilfitri is celebrated by Muslim.However,non-Muslim such Chinese and Indian can be seen celebrating too with visiting some of their Muslim friend by attending the open house.Thus,the goal of 1Malaysia is observed as success as national unity is achieve.

Although the concept of 1Malaysia has bring about abundant benefits to society,it is still far from perfect as it empowers the influence of particular race.In political field,there has been a streotype to have a power control and authority on a races. the other races are given the opportunity to engage in political fields as well as assisting in the government associations but there's only a small percentages of them.The concept of 1 Malaysia objectively on the value of social union and cooperation in between different races fails to develop in political views.Many corruption and money laundry cases are being identified of these people with power and authority and most of them have similar races. Yet,there is no legal action taken by the government and eventhough there is,it just trying to make all people blind in their activity.In addition, the concept of 1Malaysia urges the other races in accepting the special rights by one particular race in Malaysia. in this cases, the concept are failed as in bringing the races together, members are to accept each others differences and special rights without any doubts,even if the particular races stand above other races in all way taking the government benefits.

In conclusion,the concept of 1Malaysia is considered success in bring the Malaysia in harmony society.


  1. Malaysia is a unique country with diverse cultures and ethnics. The country strives to be a successful melting pot for the Malays, Chinese, Indian and indigenous tribes. The concept of One Malaysia is introduced to unite the people regardless of their ethnicities and beliefs to achieve one common objective. The concept is seen to bring about abundant benefits, mainly to foster national unity and to enhance economic growth to the country.

    However, some parties distrust the government's intention. To them, the idea is just another political ploy made by the present ruling party to retain its present political supporters and to recapture the supporters that had switched to the Opposition Party, namely Pakatan Rakyat.

    The seeds of patriotisme are being planted among youngsters in schools through certain subjects such as History, Civics and Social Studies. Non-academic activities especially in sport and recreation. Sport is an effective tool to bring the multi-ethnics society together. The same goes for rereational activities and festivals. For example Hari Raya Aidilfitri festival is celebrated by the Malays. However, non-Malays such Chinese and Indian are encourage to join the celebration too by visiting their Muslim friends.

    The concept of 1Malaysia also urges the other races to respect the Malays' special privilege under the constitution. In conclusion, the concept of 1Malaysia is considered as an effort by the present ruling party to bring about racial-harmony in Malaysia and to gain more political supports.